4 Key Points for the Potential Mormon Convert to Consider

4 Key Points for the Potential Mormon Convert to Consider


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In this Teaching the Truth Liberian Radio Broadcast,”Bishop” Lee Baker speaks about the unique¬†doctrines of Mormonism that sets the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints apart from Biblical Christianity. Every potential convert to Mormonism should consider these questions before joining the LDS Church: Continue reading “4 Key Points for the Potential Mormon Convert to Consider”

Questions Our Stake President Could Not Answer


Former Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker in front of the Manti, Utah temple. Listen to our Radio Programs here online.

One of the most fundamental elements of sustaining a fulfilling religious experience is that ability to ask questions.

“The process of identifying truth sometimes necessitates enormous effort coupled with profound faith in our Father and His glorified Son.”— Elder Richard G. Scott, Truth: The Foundation of Correct Decisions, General Conference, October 2007.¬†(https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2007/10/truth-the-foundation-of-correct-decisions?lang=eng)

So when we discovered troubling beliefs and practices in Mormon history, we asked our Stake President these questions: Continue reading “Questions Our Stake President Could Not Answer”