Meet with Lee & Kathy Baker in Monrovia, Liberia @ Meet with Lee & Kathy Baker in Monrovia, Liberia
Oct 1 – Oct 7 all-day

Lee & Kathy Baker look forward to a Mission Outreach in Monrovia, Liberia

The First Week of October 2018

An Open Invitation has been given to the Mormon Mission President, Douglas A. Clark, of the Liberia Monrovia LDS Mission, to present the History of the Black African Race within the Book of Mormon and the Mormon Church.

Lee & Kathy will be speaking about how they came out of Mormonism and they will be answering any questions that Mormons or Christians bring to these meetings. Racism within the Book of Mormon will be a key subject.

Upcoming Details will be posted as soon as our speaking schedule has been determined

Listen to Worship FM 101.7 for: Dates, Locations and Times where we will be speaking.

All are invited to bring your questions about Mormonism to these meetings. We welcome all Christians, Mormon Missionaries, Bishops and Members.

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