The Proof of Plagiarism in the Book of Mormon

Often members of the Mormon Church take some very momentary spiritual comfort, claiming that Joseph Smith Jr. may not have been perfect and even if he was a flawed vessel for God, undoubtedly the Book of Mormon stands as a clear testimony of his prophetic calling and his obvious divine favor with God.

For how else can the very existence of the Book of Mormon be explained?

Well, it seems that the actual formation or rather the construction of the Book of Mormon can now be reviewed in very specific and completely definite detail.  No real mystery or divine intervention at all.  Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery (his primary scribe) stole the general premise of the Book of Mormon from several historical and fictional books in general circulation long before the first printing of the Book of Mormon.

Far from just the theft of the general premise, the inclusion of some very specific and extremely unique phrases and elaborate expressions available to Smith and Cowdery from several books that they themselves reference, makes it statistically impossible that the Book of Mormon can be considered an original work, much less divine Scripture.

Books Used to Build the Book of Mormon:

  1. The Holy Bible
  2. The First Book of Napoleon, Tyrant of the Earth
  3. The Late War, Between the United States and Great Britain, From June 1812, to February 1815
  4. View of the Hebrews 1825, by Ethan Smith:

This program will give solid evidence and proof that the Book of Mormon was written by Joseph Smith Jr. and his associates rather than it being the word of God translated from Gold Plates. Several groundbreaking investigations have been completed to identify the true source of the Book of Mormon, this information will Rock your World.

REFERENCES:  Text Analysis and Comprehensive Studies:

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Help Send Lee Baker to Africa

Worship FM in Liberia, Africa

Lee and Kathy Baker’s Trip to Africa October 2018

We presented our information at 7 Churches and had 3 Open-air City meetings. We hosted Live Radio Program broadcasts nearly every day within our week-long visit with many stations throughout the country picking up our broadcasts.  Here is a brief outline of our cost in this trip to Africa:

Air Travel = $6,062.32
Visas & Embassy = $800.00
Vaccines = $1,360.00
Hotel = $1,222.62
Taxis and Bus Passes = $275.00

GRAND TOTAL SPENT: $9,719.94  / TOTAL RAISED $7,069.94 as of November 6, 2018.

Please note “Lee Baker – Africa” on the comment / memo line of your online donation and/or check mailed to: Witnesses for Jesus, Inc., PO Box 50911, Colorado Springs, CO  80949.


Lee and Kathy in Africa – October 2018
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Speaking to Mormons about LDS Church Deception Discussed in the Gospel Topics Essays

Speaking to Mormons about LDS Church Deception Discussed in the Gospel Topics Essays

Former Mormon Bishop speaks to LDS about the new information that the Mormon Church has recently issued in their “Gospel Topics Essays” published at Continue reading “Speaking to Mormons about LDS Church Deception Discussed in the Gospel Topics Essays”

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WIN a 2,000 Year Old Biblical Coin from Jerusalem

A Challenge – Reward: 1 of 3 authentic Widows’ Mite from Jerusalem

I fully realize that this article is long, but I give you my word that if the instructions at the end of this editorial are followed and the winners identify themselves as outlined, I will forward three authentic Widows’ Mite found from within the walls of Old Jerusalem, with both an Olive wood case and a Formal Certificate of Authenticity from Zak Mishiriky, one of the foremost licensed Christian Antique Dealers of Jerusalem.

These Hasmonian Jewish coins are from the time of Jesus.  As they were recovered within the walls of Old Jerusalem, they most certainly had at one time, cycled through the treasury of Herod’s Temple as either a Tithing or a Tax.

Thank You for your participation and may God Bless.

Lee B. Baker Continue reading “WIN a 2,000 Year Old Biblical Coin from Jerusalem”

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Witnessing to Mormons Using Their Own Church History

Have you ever considered sharing your Christian Faith with a Mormon friend, coworker or neighbor? For the first time in the History of the Mormon Church, authentic and realistic Mormon Doctrine and History are now available to you and the Mormon People on the Gospel Topics’ section of the Mormon Church’s official website.

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