Lee and Kathy’s Manti Utah Trip

Lee in Utah

As a direct result of your generous support this past year, Kathy and I were able to spend just over two-weeks witnessing to the Mormons and providing Training to over 400 Christians who traveled to Manti from New England, Florida, California and even central England to participate in this outpouring of Love and Compassion to the lost souls of the Mormon Faith.

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Moroni or Nephi? Who did Joseph Really See?

Moroni or Nephi? Who did Joseph Really See?

Amazing that the Mormon Church puts this information on their website, regarding Joseph’s visitation from an angel. When Joseph recorded the visitation in his diary he wrote that he saw the Angel Nephi…”Nephi”…NOT “Moroni” as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints changed it to. How can they retract the angel Moroni now, when they have placed him on top of every LDS temple, stating Moroni will announce the coming of the Lord.  Mormon’s have told the world that Moroni was the last warrior-prophet in the Book of Mormon and that after his death he became a resurrected angel.The Mormon church still continues to this day to tell their members that it was the Angel Moroni who came to Jospeh Smith in a dream yet on the other hand they contradict themselves by printing Joseph’s own hand writing in his diary that he saw the Angel Nephi.

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The Warnick Watch

The “Warnick Watch” is a comparative study to highlight some of the younger and most successful intellectuals within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The focus of this review will be to compare and contrast the Church Historical Essays dealing with Becoming Like God, Polygamy – Polyandry, and The Translation of the Book of Mormon, with the thoughts of Brigham Young University Professor:  Sean C. Warnick.

Professor Warnick, who supremely represents one of the finest examples of a very rational and exceptionally well-educated Priesthood holder, is the son of Charles P. Warnick who was ordained by the Prophet Thomas S. Monson, who then ordained me as a High Priest in the LDS Church.   As demonstrated by the following example of Professor Warnick’s work, he is very much capable of an uncompromising rational and coherent statement on these issues of Doctrine and we eagerly await his response.

The Warnick Watch, page 1The Warnick Watch, page 2


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ESSAYS – Deception of the Mormon Gospel Topics Essays


As the Mormon Church has recently offered several carefully crafted messages (Essays) to explain its incredibly deceptive Doctrine and History, I consider the Sermon (below) to be the most misleading and hypocritical message on the subject of the value of Truth. It is actually The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints itself that has published these misleading and deceptive messages to distract and confuse both its own membership and the public. Continue reading “ESSAYS – Deception of the Mormon Gospel Topics Essays”

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Challenging Questions

Former Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker in front of the Manti, Utah temple. Listen to our Radio Programs here online.

Help Us Get Bishop Lee Baker – OFF The AIR

Answer His 4 Questions and He is GONE


I, Former Mormon Bishop Lee B. Baker, as of 10 February 2015, have prepared four (4) original and fundamental questions specific to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for your consideration and rebuttal.  If you publically answer each question with a clear, honest, reasonable and rational answer, I will end my Religious Ministry as well as my Missionary Outreach to the Mormon People, with all its associated activities. Continue reading “Challenging Questions”

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Why We Left Mormonism



Former Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker in front of the Manti, Utah temple. Listen to our Radio Programs here online.

bullets  Listen to this: RADIO BROADCAST: 6 Main Reasons Why We Left the Mormon Church

  1. An eight-year-old can be held accountable for the truth but a 40-year-old who has read church history is considered deceived by Satan.
  2. The ethical and moral standards we now demand of any high school principal could not be met by Joseph Smith or Brigham Young.
  3. There is not very much history that is correctly labeled as “anti-Mormon,” just a great deal that is purely, simply and truly Mormon history.
  4. Not a single unique pillar of the Mormon faith is recorded anywhere in the Book of Mormon. How did this “keystone” of our religion that we call “the most correct book on earth” miss such fundamental doctrines?
  5. The LDS Church’s use of the new Gospel Topic Essays are to address any embarrassing, strange or changing historical or doctrinal issues without any accountability or personal responsibility being held by the leadership of the LDS Church.
  6. The Bible is completely trustworthy, but the Mormon Scriptures are what have been changed, altered and manipulated hundreds of times without explanation, valid historical, archaeological, or manuscript justification.

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Why Mitt Romney Quit

Former Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker in front of the Manti, Utah temple. Listen to our Radio Programs here online.

WHY MITT QUIT by Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker

Yes… I voted for Mitt and I would have done it again! Even as a Former Mormon Bishop who is certain that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is both NOT True and NOT Christian, Mitt Romney was a far better choice than Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

For those of you perceptive Mormons who noticed the very short time frame between Mitt openly flirting with the idea of a third run, and his unexpected but very concrete retreat… well, here is my analysis. Continue reading “Why Mitt Romney Quit”

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Questions Our Stake President Could Not Answer


Former Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker in front of the Manti, Utah temple. Listen to our Radio Programs here online.

One of the most fundamental elements of sustaining a fulfilling religious experience is that ability to ask questions.

“The process of identifying truth sometimes necessitates enormous effort coupled with profound faith in our Father and His glorified Son.”— Elder Richard G. Scott, Truth: The Foundation of Correct Decisions, General Conference, October 2007(https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2007/10/truth-the-foundation-of-correct-decisions?lang=eng)

So when we discovered troubling beliefs and practices in Mormon history, we asked our Stake President these questions: Continue reading “Questions Our Stake President Could Not Answer”

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