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Reducing God to Build-up Man

Does Mormonism Reduce God to Build-up Man?

Reducing God to Build-up Man

This program reviews the several distinctively non-Christian, but clearly official Mormon Doctrines that reduce the nature of God from the Biblical view of an infinitely holy, immaterial and immutable God into a previously corrupt and sinful man who earned his exaltation to become one of billions of "gods" in the universe.  This incredibly insulting teaching also builds mankind as it reduces God to an equivalent being.


Does Mormonism  Teach Polygamy in Heaven?

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What God said about Himself and His Character

Do Mormons believe they can become gods?

Is Jesus Missing from the Mormon Salvation Plan?

What God said about Himself and His Character

This program sets a solid foundation for specifically what God has said about Himself and of His Character in the Bible.  Additionally, we compare what the Book of Mormon teaches about the Nature and Character of God with Mormon doctrine, but we will not give recognition to the Book of Mormon as the Word of God.

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Today, many Mormons are leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when they discover the core teachings of Mormonism are not compatible with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are 6 Main Reasons Why We Left the Mormon Church. On our radio programs, we discuss these reasons and the fundamental teachings of the Church that are not in harmony with our Lord. Then, we give you, the listener, the opportunity to respond with your questions and comments.

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