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Race in the Mormon Church - Past Mormon Leaders told “Nigger” Jokes at Conference

Is the Book of Mormon Racist?

Race in the Mormon Church - Past Mormon Leaders told “Nigger” Jokes at Conference

This program centers on both the official Scriptures of the Mormon Faith as well as the formal teachings of the Church specific to the Mormon claim that Black Skin is a curse and the challenge that Black Mormons of today face.  The historical use of bigotry and slander is reviewed showing that the Mormon Church has not been led by God.

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The Mormon Church openly opposes the Book of Mormon

Does the Book of Mormon Teach Mormon Doctrine?

The Mormon Church openly opposes the Book of Mormon

Focus:  The wide gap between what is actually taught as foundational Mormon Doctrine and the teachings of the Book of Mormon.  Not a single foundational Mormon Doctrine can be found in the Book of Mormon. In fact, it teaches against these un-Christian Doctrines.

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Today, many Mormons are leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when they discover the core teachings of Mormonism are not compatible with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are 6 Main Reasons Why We Left the Mormon Church. On our radio programs, we discuss these reasons and the fundamental teachings of the Church that are not in harmony with our Lord. Then, we give you, the listener, the opportunity to respond with your questions and comments.

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