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Worship FM in Liberia, Africa

Lee and Kathy Baker’s Trip to Africa October 2018

We presented our information at 7 Churches and had 3 Open-air City meetings. We hosted Live Radio Program broadcasts nearly every day within our week-long visit with many stations throughout the country picking up our broadcasts.  Here is a brief outline of our cost in this trip to Africa:

Air Travel = $6,062.32
Visas & Embassy = $800.00
Vaccines = $1,360.00
Hotel = $1,222.62
Taxis and Bus Passes = $275.00

GRAND TOTAL SPENT: $9,719.94  / TOTAL RAISED $7,119.94 as of December 20, 2018.

Please note “Lee Baker – Africa” on the comment / memo line of your online donation and/or check mailed to: Witnesses for Jesus, Inc., PO Box 50911, Colorado Springs, CO  80949.


Lee and Kathy in Africa – October 2018


Dear Friends, Family and Supporters,

All Praise and Glory go to God, as we will soon be teaching His Word in Africa!  As we make the final preparations for our 2018 October Mission’s Trip, we offer you a short review of the Lord’s inspiration and guidance that has motivated this journey to West Africa.

As a former Mormon Bishop, and long before Kathy and I knew of any support Organizations for former Mormons, we struggled to reach back into the LDS Community, to offer the Biblical Gospel and the Grace of God without the works of man.

Our first priority was to the Black Mormons who had been both deceived and victimized by the very Organization that once restricted their eternal destination to the Mormon heaven by not allowing them to hold the Mormon Priesthood or to marry in their sacred temples because of the color of their skin, but at the same time wanted their tithing donations.  In the 1970’s I was a teenager, raised in west Denver in a very ethnically diverse inner-city neighborhood. In 1978 when the LDS Church announced that the Blacks could now hold the Priesthood, I had only been a member for one year. I was shocked and appalled at how many current temple holding faithful members of the Mormon Church opposed this new ruling by the Church. Some took out full page ad’s in local Utah newspapers, protesting even the thought of this idea, saying that they would never in their lifetime support this new policy. I have seen first-hand the open Mormon racism, well before it became fashionable for a Mormon to invent any real respect of the “Lesser Spirits”.   I fully believe that the current Mormon “acceptance” of the Blacks, Mormon or Not, is both superficial and very apprehensive.

I left the LDS church back in 2008, and one year later I was offered to speak on an African radio station, Worship 101.7, in Liberia, Africa. So in 2009 I was blessed to begin speaking via radio to the Liberians to inform them about the deceptions being taught to them by the Mormon Missionaries.

Victor – the Worship FM Station Manager

A few years later a Canadian based ministry said that they could expand our radio broadcast from Liberia to several other African countries. So we partnered with them, along with Witnesses for Jesus, in order to reach many more people throughout Africa.

Pastor Sylvester Listening to Lee Baker’s radio programs through Short Wave radio in Kenya

These radio stations cost our ministry around twenty-six hundred dollars per year to maintain. And through your support of our ministry we have been able to keep the radio program on the Liberian station going for almost nine years.

Discussing Racism in the Book of Mormon on Worship FM

Three months ago as we were talking live on the radio I, Lee, was overcome by the Holy Spirit laying on my heart to  tell our dear Brothers and Sisters in Liberia that we would be coming to visit them in the fall of this year, 2018. Kathy also felt that same prompting, as our dear brothers and sisters in Christ have asked us for years to come visit them to give them encouragement and to enlighten them on the deceptions that the Mormon Missionaries are spreading. You see, the Mormon population there in Liberia is increasing rapidly. But due to our radio broadcasts over five hundred Africans have left the Mormon Church. So we too feel the need as Christian Missionaries to visit and encourage them.

The simple reason that we have become totally committed to this Mission Trip, before it was discussed, before we had an International travel Visa, before I had permission from my Probation Officer[1] and well before it could have been financed, is that the assignment has come from God.  We have been sent well over 1,000 cards, letters and photos of those Black Africans who have come to Jesus, as a direct result of our Radio Ministry.

Africian Listeners holding DVDs we mailed to the Worship FM radio station

Often, the Africans themselves stand tall in the face of persecution, harassment and scorn, for the cause of Jesus.  The highly-educated White Mormon Missionaries confuse the local Africans, with complicated explanations and endless deceptions of Christian conspiracy.  The pure Gospel of Christ has been manipulated and misrepresented by the massive wealth and power of the Mormon Church.

What cannot be done on the Radio must be done in person.  Making a personal connection, reaching out and showing our support and love for them at this time we feel is necessary. Several of the African Christian Churches and the Christian Radio Station in Liberia have agreed to organize four very public meetings with the Mormon Leadership to demonstrate the enormous differences between Mormonism and Christianity.

These public meetings have already been estimated to exceed 400, before any community announcements.  Additionally, we will be airing our Tuesday radio broadcast live right there at the radio station, with hundreds of Africans gathered around listening via loud speaker. They will be able to personally ask Kathy and I their questions, which normally are sent to us via email the day before we speak to them by way of  telephone which then is broadcast onto the radio.

A former Mormon radio listener receives some of Lee Baker’s Books

We have also scheduled numerous “Home Visits” with those who have asked for more personal and focused training in a more private setting.  These visits will be with current Mormons, those who are considering Mormonism and those whom have committed to leave Mormonism, but need special spiritual support to prepare for persecution from their family members, friends and Mormon neighbors.  Without question, lives have been and will be changed by this very unique Missionary Outreach to the Mormon people with the support of the local Christians.

To offer a tangible, personal and face-to-face description of the many deceptions of Mormonism will clearly demonstrate the Power of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It will also reveal the value of all persons in a distant land, left without the modern resources to combat the complex deceptions of Mormonism.  Our primary Goal for this Mission Trip was perfectly described and ordained by the Apostle Paul nearly 2,000 years ago, and it remains valid today.

And I will keep on doing what I am doing in order to cut the ground from   under those who want an opportunity to be considered equal with us in the     things they     boast about.  For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ.”–2 Corinthians 11:12-13

Due to the prompting that we have received from the Lord along with our personal conviction to go forward with this Missions trip we have started to make preparations for our upcoming travel scheduled for this October, 2018.

Our personal funds have reserved the several meeting halls, sound equipment, refreshments and advance advertising needed for our visit in Africa.  Additionally, if needed, we are prepared to use funds from our limited Military retirement or personal savings account to cover the required vaccinations, airfare, hotel accommodations and taxi fares.

We seek your support for this only after you have witnessed our commitment and dedication to the African people.  If you are so moved by the Spirit of God to support this one-time Mission Trip, we will be forever grateful at your willingness to partner with us to make an Eternal Difference in the lives of so many within Africa.

You can mail a donation to us by writing “Lee Baker-Africa” on the envelope or memo line of your check made out to:

Witnesses for Jesus Inc
PO Box 50911
Colorado Springs, CO 80949

Or you can donate on our website online at:

If you are unable to support this trip financially we would be equally as grateful for your prayers, petitions and protection for us and those we come in contact with in the Holy Name of Jesus.

In Christ,

Lee and Kathy Baker

[1] The Mormon Church has both illegally and immorally initiated Federal Court actions against me to restrict my travel for 3 years.

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