Lee and Kathy Discussing the Wives of Joseph Smith with Mormons

Bishop Lee and Kathy with Rob and Doug with the Witnesses for Jesus Ministry Team

This past month has been a true blessing for us.   By your support and through the Grace of God, Kathy and I were able to spend just over two-weeks in Utah witnessing in Salt Lake and at the Annual Mormon Miracle Pageant. Although the pageant (an outdoor production of the Mormon Story) has many inaccuracies and exaggerations even from the Mormon perspective, it draws thousands of the Mormon faithful and hundreds of Christians from across the world to witness of the Biblical Jesus. This year, nearly 20 active Latter-day Saints came to the Lord right there in the shadow of the Manti Mormon Temple.

It was a very fruitful trip where we felt we planted seeds in many people. On this trip we were able to teach a class on how to witness to Mormons at Calvary Chapel SLC for a group of youth that came to visit Russ East of KUTR radio. We were able to witness at the Manti Pageant for 8 nights. We taught a class on how to witness to Mormons at Wasatch Cowboy Church (Pastor Larry McGruder) a small church that is made up of 70% of Ex-Mormons, and we taught a class on how to witness to Mormons at Ephraim Church of the Bible for Tri-Grace Ministries.

Video: A Real Heartfelt Interview with Bishop LEE BAKER in Manti. He Loves the Mormons

Kathy Playing the 28th Wife of Joseph Smith – Elvira Cowles Holmes 

Kathy playing the 28th Wife of Joseph Smith

As we were broadcasting our radio shows directly from Manti and hosting our month-end phone conference, we were able to interview with many folks, including Ex-Mormons like Norm Godfrey who is the great, great grandson of Elvira Cowles Holmes (http://www.wivesofjosephsmith.org/28-ElviraCowlesHolmes.htm), the 28th wife of Joseph Smith who was married to Smith 6 months after she married her husband Jonathan.

Kathy with Norm Godfrey – the Great, Great Grandson of Elvira Cowles Holmes, the 28th Wife of Joseph Smith

Coincidentally, Kathy Baker played this wife of Joseph Smith during the “Wives of Joseph Smith” Christian outreach demonstration at Manti. You can hear the details of this interview and many others at the radio program and video links below:


Joseph Smith Jr 34 Wives at Manti Sharing their Stories. Mormons STUNNED!

Read More Experiences of Lee and Kathy Baker on the Streets of Manti at 4witness.org

Demonstrating the 34 Wives of Joseph Smith








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