Surviving Mormonism

Surviving Mormonism

This program gives practical guidance to the Mormon community specific to how an Ex-Mormon recovering from their experiences in the LDS Church might understand and deal with a life when leaving this false Religion, without abandoning the fundamental truths of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


PDF  “Out of Mormonism Into What?

Audio “Out of Mormonism Into What?”

PDF, “Out of Mormonism Into What?

Auidio: “Why I Left Mormonism to Follow Jesus Christ”

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Author: Lee Baker

As a former Mormon Bishop and member of the Church for over 32 years, my wife Kathy and I have spent many years in various Leadership positions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, documenting, verifying and studying, specifically, the original teachings of the Church. I have found many of the most fundamental of these teachings to be completely out of harmony with the Lord’s teachings in the Bible.