The Proof of Plagiarism in the Book of Mormon Documentation

Often members of the Mormon Church take some very momentary spiritual comfort, claiming that Joseph Smith Jr. may not have been perfect and even if he was a flawed vessel for God, undoubtedly the Book of Mormon stands as a clear testimony of his prophetic calling and his obvious divine favor with God.

For how else can the very existence of the Book of Mormon be explained?

Well, it seems that the actual formation or rather the construction of the Book of Mormon can now be reviewed in very specific and completely definite detail.  No real mystery or divine intervention at all.  Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery (his primary scribe) stole the general premise of the Book of Mormon from several historical and fictional books in general circulation long before the first printing of the Book of Mormon. Continue reading “The Proof of Plagiarism in the Book of Mormon Documentation”

Petition to Remove Racist Statements from the Book of Mormon

Please support Lee B. Baker, former Mormon Bishop, by signing the attached Formal Petition, which requests that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints remove ALL Racist Teachings, Doctrine and Statements from the current Book of Mormon.

Sign Petition Here:  Remove the Racist Statements from the Book of Mormon

The current Book of Mormon states that, God cursed White people with Black Skin because of their iniquity and sin.  Mormon “Scripture” within the Book of Mormon also teaches that if bad Black people become good, they are rewarded with White Skin.  Review for yourself, page 66 of the Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 5:21 Continue reading “Petition to Remove Racist Statements from the Book of Mormon”

The Future of Mormonism

The Future of Mormonism

This program will discuss the monumental changes in Mormonism as well as the legal, ethical and moral impact of the 13 Official Gospel Topic Essays released by the Mormon leadership, which has devastated the “testimony” of a significant number of the Mormon faithful.  Beyond the lies and deceptions held within these Church Essays, individual members must now reconsider the foundation of the faith in view of the new information specific to the Book of Mormon, Polygamy and the First Vision.

Continue reading “The Future of Mormonism”