Understanding and Teaching Mormons Mormonism

Understanding and Teaching Mormons Mormonism

This live broadcast will feature the questions of local Christians who are seeking to witness to Mormon friends and neighbors in Utah. During this program will give you solid examples of how to understand the foundational doctrines of Mormonism within the context of the actual practice of Mormonism.  The vast difference between what a Mormon knows and what Mormonism teaches may provide the opportunity to separate the personal beliefs of an individual from the bizarre doctrine of the Mormon Faith.  Additionally, we will examine the fact that much of the Book of Mormon teaches against the actual practice of the Mormon Faith.

View Slides from Lee Baker’s Understanding Mormonism Presentation at the Roy Utah Baptist Church

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Why Are Mormons Leaving by the Millions?

This program explores the many personal reasons that millions of Mormons have had enough of the lies and deceptions from the Church leadership.  More Mormons are leaving the LDS Church than at any other time in the 185 year history of this fraudulent faith.  The historical documents of Mormonism confirm intentional deception.  The shocking acknowledgement from the Mormon Church that Joseph Smith had sex with other men’s wives and then lied to Emma about it is driving honest families out of Mormonism.

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