The Mormon Temple Garments – A Form of Mind Control

The Mormon Church uses a physical garment to employ mind control, which includes behavior control, thought control, emotional control, and information control. Each form of control has great power and influence on the human mind. Together, they form a complete web, which can manipulate even the strongest minded individuals who make the most involved and enthusiastic cult members. This mind control can even paralyze those Mormons who have already made the choice to leave Mormonism, afraid to shed their temple garments for fear of loosing this protective armor.

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Changes in the LDS Temple Ritual

Does God Approve the Changes in the Mormon Temple Ceremony?

Changes of the LDS Temple Ritual

This program chronicles the ever changing rituals and ceremonies of the LDS Temple with a historical view as to the man-made motivations and impulses to make these changes.   In this program, we also discuss answers to the common questions we receive from Mormons and non-Mormons visiting the Mormon Temple Open House during our outreach exposing Mormonism on the streets during these events.

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