Mormons come to Christ at Manti Pageant

This program will highlight several of the amazing God-inspired conversations and conversions that were a result of the heart-felt witnessing on the streets of Manti, Utah.  Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker had an interesting exchange with Former Manti Stake President Scott D. Hintze and the Mormon Temple President Lonnie B. Nally, which will be discussed during this broadcast.  The youth of the Mormon Church are particularly sensitive and responsive to the Christian youth who each year bring, for some, the very first opportunity to come to know the unconditional Love of Jesus Christ. You can read our full report on this mission’s trip at: Lee and Kathy challenge Mormons on the streets of Utah.

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CHRISTMAS – Is Jesus Christ, Your Savior or Brother?

Is Jesus the Spirit Brother of Satan or is He God?

Is Jesus Christ, Your Savior or Brother?

The Mormon doctrine specific to the nature of Jesus Christ teaches that Jesus Christ is the older brother of Lucifer (Satan)and all mankind, rather than being eternal God, incarnate. This uniquely irreverent belief is reviewed and discussed in this broadcast and how it involves a foundational Biblical error of the Mormon faith.

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Surviving Mormonism

Surviving Mormonism

This program gives practical guidance to the Mormon community specific to how an Ex-Mormon recovering from their experiences in the LDS Church might understand and deal with a life when leaving this false Religion, without abandoning the fundamental truths of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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