Live from Jerusalem – The Mormon Temple is a Total Fake

Lee with a Jewish Rabbi in Jerusalem
Lee speaking with a Jewish Rabbi in Jerusalem

This program was broadcast live from Jerusalem. We talked about the temple that was in Jerusalem in Christ day and how the Mormon Temple does not follow any (Not A Single) Function, Purpose or Standard of the Biblical Temple of God.  From within sight of the location of the Only Authorized Temple of God, Lee and Kathy detail the True Biblical Temple in relationship to what the False Mormon Temples around the world accomplish, which is the designed to the Glory of Men not the Glory of God.  Within the Mormon Temples Men and Women participate in complex pagan actions with the purpose and goal of making Men into Gods.  This Program will make a clear comparison to the lies of Mormonism and the truth of the Biblical Temple.

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The Mormon Mason Connection

The Mormon Mason Connection

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This program will review and contrast the Biblical Temple with the Temples of the Mormon People with a specific focus on the accounts of the Temples within the Book of Mormon. It will also discuss the Masonic connection within the Mormon Temples. Note: Joseph Smith was a Mason.
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