Mormons come to Christ at Manti Pageant

This program will highlight several of the amazing God-inspired conversations and conversions that were a result of the heart-felt witnessing on the streets of Manti, Utah.  Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker had an interesting exchange with Former Manti Stake President Scott D. Hintze and the Mormon Temple President Lonnie B. Nally, which will be discussed during this broadcast.  The youth of the Mormon Church are particularly sensitive and responsive to the Christian youth who each year bring, for some, the very first opportunity to come to know the unconditional Love of Jesus Christ. You can read our full report on this mission’s trip at: Lee and Kathy challenge Mormons on the streets of Utah.

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Live from Jerusalem – The Mormon Temple is a Total Fake

Lee with a Jewish Rabbi in Jerusalem
Lee speaking with a Jewish Rabbi in Jerusalem

This program was broadcast live from Jerusalem. We talked about the temple that was in Jerusalem in Christ day and how the Mormon Temple does not follow any (Not A Single) Function, Purpose or Standard of the Biblical Temple of God.  From within sight of the location of the Only Authorized Temple of God, Lee and Kathy detail the True Biblical Temple in relationship to what the False Mormon Temples around the world accomplish, which is the designed to the Glory of Men not the Glory of God.  Within the Mormon Temples Men and Women participate in complex pagan actions with the purpose and goal of making Men into Gods.  This Program will make a clear comparison to the lies of Mormonism and the truth of the Biblical Temple.

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The Mormon Temple Garments – A Form of Mind Control

The Mormon Church uses a physical garment to employ mind control, which includes behavior control, thought control, emotional control, and information control. Each form of control has great power and influence on the human mind. Together, they form a complete web, which can manipulate even the strongest minded individuals who make the most involved and enthusiastic cult members. This mind control can even paralyze those Mormons who have already made the choice to leave Mormonism, afraid to shed their temple garments for fear of loosing this protective armor.

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