The Warnick Watch

The “Warnick Watch” is a comparative study to highlight some of the younger and most successful intellectuals within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The focus of this review will be to compare and contrast the Church Historical Essays dealing with Becoming Like God, Polygamy – Polyandry, and The Translation of the Book of Mormon, with the thoughts of Brigham Young University Professor:  Sean C. Warnick.

Professor Warnick, who supremely represents one of the finest examples of a very rational and exceptionally well-educated Priesthood holder, is the son of Charles P. Warnick who was ordained by the Prophet Thomas S. Monson, who then ordained me as a High Priest in the LDS Church.   As demonstrated by the following example of Professor Warnick’s work, he is very much capable of an uncompromising rational and coherent statement on these issues of Doctrine and we eagerly await his response.

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