Understanding and Teaching Mormons Mormonism

Understanding and Teaching Mormons Mormonism

This live broadcast will feature the questions of local Christians who are seeking to witness to Mormon friends and neighbors in Utah. During this program will give you solid examples of how to understand the foundational doctrines of Mormonism within the context of the actual practice of Mormonism.  The vast difference between what a Mormon knows and what Mormonism teaches may provide the opportunity to separate the personal beliefs of an individual from the bizarre doctrine of the Mormon Faith.  Additionally, we will examine the fact that much of the Book of Mormon teaches against the actual practice of the Mormon Faith.

View Slides from Lee Baker’s Understanding Mormonism Presentation at the Roy Utah Baptist Church

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Lee and Kathy Discussing the Wives of Joseph Smith with Mormons

Bishop Lee and Kathy with Rob and Doug with the Witnesses for Jesus Ministry Team

This past month has been a true blessing for us.   By your support and through the Grace of God, Kathy and I were able to spend just over two-weeks in Utah witnessing in Salt Lake and at the Annual Mormon Miracle Pageant. Although the pageant (an outdoor production of the Mormon Story) has many inaccuracies and exaggerations even from the Mormon perspective, it draws thousands of the Mormon faithful and hundreds of Christians from across the world to witness of the Biblical Jesus. This year, nearly 20 active Latter-day Saints came to the Lord right there in the shadow of the Manti Mormon Temple. Continue reading “Lee and Kathy Discussing the Wives of Joseph Smith with Mormons”