Why Mitt Romney Quit

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WHY MITT QUIT by Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker

Yes… I voted for Mitt and I would have done it again! Even as a Former Mormon Bishop who is certain that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is both NOT True and NOT Christian, Mitt Romney was a far better choice than Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

For those of you perceptive Mormons who noticed the very short time frame between Mitt openly flirting with the idea of a third run, and his unexpected but very concrete retreat… well, here is my analysis.

And what life experiences have I had to qualify me for such pontification on this subject? Well how about the strange combination of being a Mormon Bishop and an Intelligence Analysts for the National Security Agency for 36 years.

Here is the short version: The Mormon Church formally admitted that Joseph Smith had over 35 wives some as young as 14, and that he took the wives of eleven other men, and in his spare time “translated” the famous Book of Mormon by placing a special stone in to his hat, then placed his face in that same hat to receive messages from God.

So, after 185 years of stonewalling the public and their members, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints could not have endured another round of intense scrutiny of the facts, especially when those facts, limited as they were, came as a bit of a shock to most if not nearly all Mormons.

At BYU last year Brother Mitt hinted, in a relatively pedestrian fashion, that he too was unaware of what the Formal Church “Essays” had shared with the world. He stated that the world had changed since he had been a student at BYU, and his curious choice of comparisons sent a message to the Leadership of the Mormon Church and the Media simultaneously.

He stated than back then, the food choices at BYU were very limited, there was only one Phone Company, the Beatles were the only “Boy Band”, and… wait for it… “Emma Smith was Joseph Smith’s only wife.” The most important difference between the life of Mitt Romney the Student at BYU in the 1960’s and the life of Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is without question, that nasty INTERNET thing.

Say what? That was a very strange but very effective opening joke for Mitt at BYU, and here is why. Any past or current leader of the Mormon Church, myself included, can get very tired of answering for the outlandish and deceptive Doctrines and History of the Mormon Church. Forced purely by the openness of the internet, the Mormon Church has provided more details in the past year than ever before (See lds.org). Mitt and his advisors have come to the correct realization that gone are the days of passive ignorance or diplomatic denial.

He would have been publically required to criticize his religious heritage, which he has trifled with in the past, or finally and openly become fully Mormon. Fully Mormon means continuing the lies for good old Joseph and Brigham as well as for the disgusting, deceitful and dishonest men who run the Mormon Church of today. Not even Glen Beck is ready to do that!

Just a thought, Former Mormon Bishop Lee B. Baker

“It seems like only a few years ago that I sat where you are sitting. Things were different then: the Beatles were the only boy band, Ma Bell was the only phone company, BYU cafeteria food was the only choice at the Cougareat, and Emma Smith was Joseph Smith’s only wife.”


Post by Lee Baker.
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