Why the Truth Matters

Why the Truth Matters

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One of the most fundamental elements of sustaining a fulfilling religious experience is that ability to ask questions.

“The process of identifying truth sometimes necessitates enormous effort coupled with profound faith in our Father and His glorified Son.”– Elder Richard G. Scott, Truth: The Foundation of Correct Decisions, General Conference, October 2007(https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2007/10/truth-the-foundation-of-correct-decisions?lang=eng)

When I read this, I knew the truth was about to drive me out of Mormonism. PBS Documentary said: “It is wrong to criticize Leaders of the Church even if this criticism is true.” — Dallin H Oaks.  So when we discovered troubling beliefs and practices in Mormon history, we asked our Stake President the following questions.  Thus, these questions led us out of Mormonism:

1) Did Joseph Smith Jr follow the “laws of the gospel” governing the “plurality of wives” as recorded in the Mormon Scriptures specifically the 1876 publication of the Doctrine and Covenants 132:61-64?

2) Why did the 1835 to 1876 publication of the Doctrine and Covenants  teach extremely harsh opposition to the practice of polygamy during the very height of the practice by Joseph Smith, Jr and so many others?

3) Were the actions of the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr, specifically to practice polyandry (the taking of another man’s wife) really under the direction of Jesus Christ himself or were they simply the acts of a self-centered man?

4) How is the general membership of the Church or the public at large to decide what officially recorded and published teachings of the Prophets and General Authorities is or is not to be considered Scripture? How is it that the Book of Mormon teachings of Alma, Lehi, Nephi are unquestionably Scripture, but the official teachings of the Modern-day Prophets, such as Joseph Smith Jr, Brigham Young, John Taylor, Spencer W. Kimball, or Thomas S. Monson, are at times not Scripture?

5) Did Brigham Young alone initiate the restrictions against the Blacks holding the Mormon Priesthood based on his personal prejudice or was it a legitimate commandment of the Lord which the prophet Joseph Smith Jr preferred neither to follow or record?

6) If it were not true as Scripture, then why within the official general conferences of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would Mormon Prophets teach that Jesus Christ has many wives here on earth and that some of the sins of Men are not covered by the atonement of Christ, and as such, brothers and sisters in the Church could have their throat slit from ear to ear to atone for their sin?

We must speak from the depths of our hearts with all honesty and integrity. The truth matters and the very pursuit of truth is insincere if once the truth is found, no action is taken.

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