6 Main Reasons Why We Left the Mormon Church

6 Main Reasons Why We Left the Mormon Church

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This program presents an overview of why Mormonism is not true.  It covers the multiple accounts of Joseph Smith’s  First Vision as well as the main reasons why we left the church.  How the LDS Church of today avoids the truth concerning the core teachings of Mormonism.


  1. An eight-year-old can be held accountable for the truth but a 40-year-old who has read church history is considered deceived by Satan.
  2. The ethical and moral standards we now demand of any high school principal could not be met by Joseph Smith or Brigham Young.
  3. There is not very much history that is correctly labeled as “anti-Mormon,” just a great deal that is purely, simply and truly Mormon history.
  4. Not a single unique pillar of the Mormon faith is recorded anywhere in the Book of Mormon. How did this “keystone” of our religion that we call “the most correct book on earth” miss such fundamental doctrines?
  5. The LDS Church’s use of the new Gospel Topic Essays are to address any embarrassing, strange or changing historical or doctrinal issues without any accountability or personal responsibility being held by the leadership of the LDS Church.
  6. The Bible is completely trustworthy, but the Mormon Scriptures are what have been changed, altered and manipulated hundreds of times without explanation, valid historical, archaeological, or manuscript justification.

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