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NOTE: 03-11-2019  Today by mutual agreement Lee & Kathy Baker have stepped down from ministry. We will refer all emails for them to other Ex-Mormons on our Team.


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NOTE: If you wish to debate with us on an issue, please provide documentation for correction or your inquiry may not be answered. Please email only in English.

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  Our FAQ on May Help Answer Your Questions:


Link FAQ – About Our Ministry
Link FAQ – Mormon Beliefs and Practices

Link FAQ – Determining the Truth
Link FAQ – Dating and Marriage
Link FAQ – Leaving Mormonism 
Link FAQ – Reaching Loved Ones


If you are LDS and think we are a group of hateful anti-Mormons, please read the following letter first before contacting us:

Link AN OPEN LETTER TO OUR MORMON FRIENDS – ANSWERING THE QUESTION: “Who Are You? Are You Anti-Mormons Who Hate the LDS Church?” 


If you oppose the fact our ministry criticizes the Watchtower and other religions, please read:

LinkIS IT LOVING TO TEAR DOWN SOMEONE’S BELIEFS? –An Open Letter To Those Who Oppose Our Ministry.


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Remember, we are buried with correspondence, so please allow several days to receive a response.




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