YEAR-END – Year in Review – Deception is the Foundation of Mormonism – Part 1

In this half hour program, former Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker highlight the deception in the very Foundation of Mormonism in 4 ways: 1.) The LDS Church rests on Joseph Smith and his fraudulent claims. 2.) Mormon Scriptures are full of changes, mis-translations and doctrinal contradictions, 3.)Mormonism’s “Lying for the Lord” is totally unacceptable in Christianity, 4.) There is no need for “living” Prophet as Jesus has fulfilled that role in these last days. This is Part 1 of 2 radio programs.

Was Joseph Smith a Prophet or a Fraud?

For more information listen to the original full-length 1-hour program at the link below and view the program reference links:

Deception is the Foundation of Mormonism – A Year in Review

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