Polygamy, Lustful Desire or Command From God?

Polygamy, Lustful Desire or Command From God?

This program will center on the Official Mormon Statements specific to the history and hypocrisy of the contemptible practice of Polygamy.  Join us to learn how the Mormon Leaders have hid behind the Holy Name of Jesus.

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The 1835 version of the D&C 101:4, states that the LDS Church believed marriage to be between one wife and one husband, during the height of when they actually practiced Polygamy. Today, current LDS scripture, D&C 132, states that Polygamy is necessary for exaltation. 


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Plural Marriage and Families in Early Utah

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Author: Lee Baker

As a former Mormon Bishop and member of the Church for over 32 years, my wife Kathy and I have spent many years in various Leadership positions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, documenting, verifying and studying, specifically, the original teachings of the Church. I have found many of the most fundamental of these teachings to be completely out of harmony with the Lord’s teachings in the Bible.