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Today, many Mormons are leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when they discover the core teachings of Mormonism are not compatible with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are 6 Main Reasons Why We Left the Mormon Church. On our radio programs, we discuss these reasons and the fundamental teachings of the Church that are not in harmony with our Lord. Then, we give you, the listener, the opportunity to respond with your questions and comments.


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A General Program Synopsis of Mainstream Mormonism

Mainstream Mormonism

The primary purpose of this Salt Lake City based call-in Radio Program, is to bring individual members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints into an authentic and biblically solid relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The typical format for these Programs is an introductory monolog specific to the subject of the day (pre-published for audience participation) followed by several “verbatim” quotes and readings from the Official Church Publications specific to that same subject.  Additionally, as required, rhetorical or literal questions are presented to highlight the clear hypocrisy, duplicity or the bewildering theology of a given subject.

Example:  “Many Latter-day Saint men, and even some women, had to go “underground” to avoid arrest. Thus began one of the most difficult times in Latter-day Saint history. To avoid incarceration, codes were made up to warn polygamist fathers of the approach of federal officers.” Church History In The Fulness Of Times – Student Manual, page 427

In Direct Conflict with:“We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.” 12th Article of Faith, Joseph Smith Jr. 1843

As on-air subjects progress to The Nature and Character of God, Polygamy, Polyandry, Lying for the Lord or Bigotry, a significant number of listeners and/or call-in participants are encouraged to question the legitimacy of such teachings or doctrines, stimulating respectful dialogue and discussion on air.

The secondary purpose of these Programs is  demonstrated as the Host exhibits his intimate knowledge of Latter-day Saint Prophesies, Policies, Doctrines and Authorized Teachings.  The apparently trivial nuances regarding what is or is not Doctrine to a Mormon is absolutely critical to understanding how to successfully reach a Mormon.  To effectively navigate such nuances, demonstrates a clear message of authority and accuracy to the Mormon.  Both are key factors when deconstructing such a legalistic Religion.

Example:  The all-encompassing 856 page Book “Mormon Doctrine”, by Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, sustained as a Prophet, Seer and Revelator by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Is Not Doctrine.

In Direct Conflict with:  The following statement found on page 142 of the Melchizedek Priesthood Personal Study Guide, Come Unto Christ: “If we get our salvation, we shall have to pass by him [Joseph Smith]; if we enter into our glory, it will be through the authority that he [Joseph Smith] has received.  We cannot get around him [Joseph Smith], Is Doctrine.


To an active member of the LDS Faith, Authority is paramount to all that is said or done in the name of the Church.  As such, the seemingly minor division between what men may specifically do or say is not the issue; the issue is if what that man has said or done has in-fact been approved, authorized and then published by the First Presidency of the Church.

It is very puzzling to most Christians today to consider the fact that the current Prophet and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Thomas S. Monson, could make a statement about any subject in Conference as Doctrine; then reiterate that exact statement within his own autobiography and it not be Doctrine.

Looking back at my Mormon life, this is precisely the type of systematic irrational conditioning that prepares the average Mormon to question the validity of the Bible, yet respect the words of a modern Mormon Prophet. This interactive radio program is presented in such a way as to emphasize the Mormon technique of uniquely irrational thought, when applied to exclusively Mormon subjects.

Upon reflection, even that phrase “anti-Mormon” can be considered the quintessential example of Mormon brainwashing. Without fail, the subjects that a Mormon will identify as “anti-Mormon” are simply subjects that present the Church in a negative light.  No thought or consideration is given to if the information is true, accurate or valid, only if it harms the “Good Name of the Church”.

In fact, the negative information can even come from an official, authorized and inspired source from within the Church, and still be considered “anti-Mormon”.  The very public demonstration of this exceptionally controlling and remarkably illogical practice is one goal of this radio program.

A personal statement of motivation concerning this Ministry in general and this radio program specifically, would be the following:  “After coming to a full knowledge of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, I now view the core teachings of the Mormon Church as Morally Hypocritical, Spiritually Offensive and Biblically Profane.”

As a follower of Jesus Christ, it is inconceivable that anyone could become intimately acquainted with these repulsive teachings and practices of the Mormon Church and not actively defend our Lord and Savior.



6 Main Reasons Why We Left the Mormon Church

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I can see clearly the deception and the contradictions that you teach… Thank You for the great work that you are doing to help free other lost souls, I will pass the Radio information on to my family and friends” — Jon, America

“We spoke on the phone regarding issues in my LDS Faith, I have great admiration for your work, Thank you for the newsletter on Mainstream Mormonism, this means more to me than I can express.” –Roger, America

“Keep up the amazing job witnessing to our Mormon Brothers and Sisters. All Glory to God and His Kingdom.” –Jeromy, America

“I want to confess when I listen to your Program, from God, I was encouraged and became aware of my need for Salvation.”  Thoma, Africa

“With this New Year, may God guide you as you Minister His Word to us, Thank you.”  Grele, Africa

“Teaching The Truth is a wonderful Program and has created an awareness to those of us who are members of other denominations to learn more about the Mormon Church.” Mirachle, Africa


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