Where Do the Baker’s Attend Church?

The Church that we, Lee & Kathy Baker, attend is the ‘Oakhurst Evangelical Free Church’ located in Oakhurst, CA. http://www.oakhurstevfree.org/

If you would like for us, Lee & Kathy Baker, to come and speak at your church, You or Your Pastor should know both the Theology standards and Activity level that we have within our current church, after our Exit from Mormonism.  To help establish that we are active within a Bible centered Church, you or your Pastor are invited to contact the Church in which we are currently Members of.  Please review the Website (above) for the Church in Central California that we attend and feel free to ask the Pastors or Staff of this Church for an assessment as to the Christian Theology and/or Christian Character of Lee and Kathy Baker prior to a request to have us Teach or Train your Congregation.  You can also view the Statement of Faith of the ministry we associate with – Witnesses for Jesus, Inc. Such an assessment is both Biblical and prudent, as so many former Mormons do not become active within a Bible centered Church or they at times fail to completely transition from their “Mormon Gospel” perspective to a Biblical understanding of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also, If you would like for us to help you find a Bible based church in your area, please email us.

Oakhurst Evangelical Free Church in Oakhurst, CA


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Author: Lee Baker

As a former Mormon Bishop and member of the Church for over 32 years, my wife Kathy and I have spent many years in various Leadership positions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, documenting, verifying and studying, specifically, the original teachings of the Church. I have found many of the most fundamental of these teachings to be completely out of harmony with the Lord’s teachings in the Bible.