You have been a great channel of information and inspiration for me

“Bishop” Baker,

You don’t know me but you have been a great channel of information and inspiration for me.

I have grown up my whole life in the church and recently has found or had my heart softened enough to exit the church, stop going and finding my way to the true, fullness of the Lord through this experience.

I, like you and your wife feel that I have always had Christ in my heart but have recently found I was following the wrong church. I come from a pioneer background and my relatives lead back to the Knight family, basically the second family in the church. As you can imagine, my family is deeply in trenched in the gospel, the only way they know.

I have recently talked to my parents about it to ask for their “help” in finding the answers to my questions but I already know where I stand. I stand with Christ and only Christ at this time. My marriage has never been as strong as it is now, I am so much happier with so much in my life. My wife and I are excited to continue to teach my wonderful, beautiful children (4) Jesus and only Jesus.

I want to teach my parents, family and friends in the way you teach and I wanted to search out some sources. I will be purchasing your books but is there anyway to get some good links or other information in the mean time from you? Again, you are an inspiration as to how you love the Mormon family, the way you teach the true gospel of lds. I know I have a big challenge ahead of me as I talk to family that hasn’t heard my story yet and want to prepare myself for that.

Thank you so much!


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Author: Webmaster